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A 25 yard long roll of tubular elastic stretch net designed to serve as a secondary dressing, applying gentle pressure to keep bandages or other medical devices securely in place without adhesive tape. Ideal for securing burn or post-op dessings, hot or cold packs, IV tubes, incontinence pads, and decubitus ulcer dressings. Easy to customize. Allows maximum air-flow. Available in a wide reange of sizes

  • Product number: #GL-712
  • Description: Tubular Elastic Dressing Retainer
  • Size: Size 11 - XXL Chest, Back
  • Brand: Derma Sciences
  • Wear time: Varies based on usage
  • Absorbency: None
  • Quantity per box: 1
  • Price: $63.44
  • Areas of use:
    - Dressing Retention

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