Restore Contact Layer with Silver

Restore Contact Layer with Silver

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Restore Contact Layer with Silver features the same TRIACT found in other Hollister wound care products, but has the added antimicrobial properties of silver. As exudate is absorbed into the dressing silver is released. The silver in this product has shown continous silver release for up to seven days. The lipido-colloid formulation at the wound site helps prevent delicate tissue from adhering to the dressing. The recommended wear time is 1-3 days depending on the level of exudate drainage, however, Restore Contact Layer can stay in place for as along as 7 days. A secondary dressing should be placed over the contact layer to ensure proper exudate absorption.

  • Product number: #509342
  • Description: Anitmicrobial Non-Adherent Wound Contact Layer
  • Size: 6"x8"
  • Brand: Hollister
  • Wear time: Up to 7 days
  • Absorbency: None
  • Quantity per box: 10
  • Price: $284.95
  • Areas of use:

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