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Mepitac is highly conformable and easy to apply and remove. The Safetac layer assures secure fixation and gentle removal from skin and bodily hair. If inspection or repositioning is necessary, Mepitac can be lifted and re-applied. Mepitac is an ideal fixation solution for patients with fragile and sensitive skin. Mepitac is suitable for patients requiring repeated application and removal of tape over the same area e.g. neonates and dialysis patients.

  • Product number: #298400
  • Description: Soft Silicone Fabric Tape
  • Size: 1.5"x59"
  • Brand: Molnlycke
  • Wear time: Several days
  • Absorbency: None
  • Quantity per box: 1
  • Price: $17.95
  • Areas of use:
    - Tubes
    - Cannulae
    - Dressings
    - Drainage devices
    - Swabs
    - Catheters

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