Flex Plus

Flex Plus

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For moderate to heavy bladder and/or bowel control protectionExtra Wide COMFISTRETCH™ Belt conforms to the body's natural contours and movements ensuring a snug, more comfortable, body-close fit. Soft, airy, cloth-like, non-irritating belt material has hook and loop fastening. Extra wide belt and center hook minimize product rollover to maximize wearer comfort.Available In Size 20 - Designed for larger individuals needing moderate to heavy bladder control protection.InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ improves surface dryness, promoting healthier skinAbsorbent Core is thin for better fit, comfort and discretion. Wide in the back for increased coverage.Eas-I-Select™ Guide - Color of stripe indicates size and the number of drops indicates absorbency level.All Around Air Circulation Skin-Caring® Backcover combines skin-friendly textile covering and breathable Air Dry Layer™ which allows liquid and odors to stay in while allowing water vapor to escape.Dry Fast Dual Core™ - Dual core technology rapidly pulls fluid away from the skin and traps it into the lower storage core, keeping skin drier.Bod-i-fit™ System - Unique product design plus the ComfiStretch™ Belt provides superior fit for the wearer and ergonomic benefits for the caregiver.Standing Gathers - Ensure a comfortable, body-close fit.Wetness Indicator - Alerts the caregiver that the product has been soiled and needs to be changed.

  • Product number: #67829
  • Size: Size 16: Fits waist/hip sizes: 33" - 50"
  • Brand: Tena
  • Wear time:
  • Absorbency: Moderate to Heavy
  • Quantity per box: 90
  • Price: $78.55
  • Color: White/Yellow
  • Areas of use:

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