Z Flo Fluidized Positioner, small

Z Flo Fluidized Positioner, small

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A molded nest to help contain and comfort ill patients and/ or premature infants Infinite adjustments meet unique needs for a range of medical conditions and equipment Helping to improve neurodevelopment with less stress and a better night's sleep Easy to use; just shape it with your hands into the right position Fluid medium for therapeutic support Minimize the harmful effects of friction, shear forces and abnormal interface pressure on the skin Help caregivers change patients' positions with minimal disturbance to patients May provides better sleep efficiency Won't flatten and heat up like rolled towels and blankets Don't shift, lose shape or retain moisture like foam rings and wedges

  • Product number: #1400233
  • Description: Z-Flo Fluidized Positioner with Cover
  • Size:
  • Brand: Molnlycke
  • Wear time:
  • Absorbency:
  • Quantity per box: 1
  • Price: $42.95
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